LaLamour Summer Collection 2019


Upon popular demand by many of our customers, LaLamour has decided to print on a high quality, firm 95% VI / 5% EA jersey for this season. This jersey obscures that what needs to be hidden and fits the body beautifully. It also fits well with curvy women. Viscose consists of 90% cellulose – just like the cotton fiber – mostly extracted from deciduous trees and conifers. The fibers are moisture-absorbing and breathable.
This jersey fabric is used for the following prints: WILD, ICONS and PEARLY.
For LOLLY, LaLamour has opted for a 95% CO / 5% EA jersey. This somewhat matted Jersey gives it a more rugged appearance.
LaLamour has opted for the supple, matt SANDY 95% PES / 5% EA, which is used for for the GARLAND and SWEETY print. Due to its fine structure, it can be printed upon beautifully. This jersey does not wrinkle, is colour-fast and ironing is not necessary. Ideal to take with you on a trip.
The wrap dress has a figure-flattering fit due to its double front. The ripple from the side seam flatters the belly part.

Get ready for the summer with this wild & cheerful floral print.
In romantic salmon with salmon-colored wild roses or in green with pink roses.
Available in:
– LASU1910 classic crossdress
– LASU1911 long singlet dress
– LASU1912 high neck dress
– LASU1913 circle skirt


The starting point of the ICON print was a scrapbook from an aunt filled with collectible cards from the 50s. We threw ICON and PEARLY together for something special.
Available in:
– LASU1920 crossdress icons combined with pearly black
– LASU1921 singlet dress icons combined with pearly turquoise NEW!
– LASU1922 loose top icons NEW!
– LASU1923 circle skirt icons combined with pearly black


The ancient Greeks regarded the pearl a symbol of love & devotion. In the 1950s the pearl gained huge popularity as an accessory.
LaLamour has incorporated pearls as a dot pattern, digitally printed with stunning detail making the pearls seem to float over the fabric.
The PEARLY series can be easily combined with the rest of the collection.
Available in:
– LASU1930 wrap dress NEW!
– LASU1931 sleeveless top
– LASU1932 cardigan NEW!
– LASU1933 circle skirt


Adorn yourself with the flowery GARLAND series, available in two colours. “SEA” color gradually evolves from aqua to turquoise to sea-green. “BLACK” plain and simple, for many an old-time favourite.
Available in:
– LASU1940 high neck dress
– LASU1941 long singlet dress
– LASU1942 t-shirt NEW!
– LASU1943 a-line skirt NEW!


A cute little rose floating above the fabric. The new loose-dress does it exactly what it’s name implies: it falls loosely around the body. Wear it as a tunic above leggings or skinny jeans or bare-legged as a relaxed dress on hot summer days. The SWEETY series comes in four colours: turquoise, green, anthracite and red.
Available in:
– LASU1950 wrap dress NEW!
– LASU1951 singlet dress NEW!
– LASU1952 loose dress NEW!
– LASU1953 circle skirt


LaLamour playfully winks at the 70s with her LOLLY print. The use of cotton gives LOLLY a somewhat tough look. As the new loose dress suggests, it falls loosely around the body. Wear it as a tunic above leggings or skinny jeans or bare-legged as a relaxed dress on hot days. In sweet turquoise & sand, cheerful orange pink & green, cool black & turquoise, or seventies red, yellow & brown for the real retro enthusiast (see below).
Available in:
– LASU1960 zipper dress NEW!
– LASU1961 loose dress NEW!
– LASU1963 a-line skirt NEW!

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